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About Us

We exist for women entrepreneurs.

Radical Girl Gang is more than a marketplace — it's a movement. What started as an indie lifestyle brand has become the go-to destination to discover, support and shop emerging women-owned brands.

Our mission is to amplify and empower women-owned brands.

Despite the rapid growth of women-owned businesses, they receive only 2.3% of all venture capital funding. Women of color? Less than 1%. The barriers that women entrepreneurs face are systemic, deeply entrenched and almost impossible to overcome.

Our goal is to level the playing field for women entrepreneurs, by creating a space to support, celebrate and invest in women-owned brands.

Women alone possess 80% of all spending power. It’s time we start using that collective power to build the world we want.

Founded by Bre Cruickshank.

Bre Cruickshank founded Radical Girl Gang in 2019 after experiencing firsthand the challenges of being a bootstrapped woman founder. She’s a proudly self-taught CEO with a passion for breaking down barriers for women entrepreneurs and dismantling the patriarchy. You can usually find her forgetting to drink enough water, going to therapy or listening to true crime podcasts.